Women Writers in History CEEPUS Network

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Teaching and studying women writers from Central and South-Eastern Europe using digital materials and tools.

Women’s writing in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe has always been transnational, and with the help of the digital humanities as a powerful tool, this important aspect can be brought back to light for researchers, students, and wider audiences. Many works by women writers have been translated and they sparked the interest of the society in the achievements of women in the literary field.

In recent years, the connection between women’s literary history and digital humanities has proved to be important and very fruitful: it is the digital humanities that allow us to rediscover important numbers of women authors, their written production as well as their reception, and to gain a better understanding of women’s roles, especially in the literary life of earlier periods and the networks they formed. Since the digital humanities are a new and fast developing area in literary history, it is important for students to have the possibility of getting acquainted with recent studies in this field.

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